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Buildings That Create Jobs: A Guide to Business Incubators from the Family Who Invented the Concept

Recycling vacant buildings as business incubators, to provide job creators a place to set up shop within a community, can boost a local economy and benefit nearly every member of a struggling town. The need for hometown, community-centric, job-focused, locally sustainable spaces is increasing. For a distressed community, an incubator can be the solution. 


Buildings That Create Jobs explores the strategy, startup, and operation of business incubators, detailing ways to find, recycle, and fill existing industrial and commercial buildings to create entrepreneurial and artisan opportunities.


Since 1959, the Mancuso family has been the touchstone of business incubation. Now, Thomas Mancuso reveals the foundational principles taught to him by his father, Joseph Mancuso, the famed originator of the business incubation concept. After managing multiple projects totaling millions of square feet of business incubator and business development real estate, Thomas Mancuso is a leading authority in the field..

"This book is a MUST for whoever is in the business incubation trade." "The why, the how-to, the what works, and the what does not work in specific contexts, are all in this well-construed book that puts small businesses and entrepreneurs at the center of the action and makes us understand how buildings and spaces (when well-conceived and smartly managed) can play a fundamental role in the development of an entrepreneurial community."


Giordano Dichter, President, H&D Partners

A Legacy of Opportunity

The saga of the Mancuso Family, and the forces that forged the spirit that inspired the creation of the world's first business incubator are captured in this book by William F. Brown: A Legacy of Opportunity.  From Sicily to New Orleans to Batavia, this account follows their journey across four generations. 

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