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Leading places where people can start, grow and prosper with businesses of all sizes in order to generate opportunities for others

Mancuso Business Development Group guides the creation, leasing, and operation of business incubators and local business centers in adaptively reused buildings. These are places where people can start, grow, and prosper with businesses of all sorts and sizes that create jobs and produce profitable properties.

Consulting To Adapt, Reuse And Operate Industrial & Business Incubators And Local Business Centers

Since 1959, we’ve continued to expand our mission to find ways to facilitate new businesses, create jobs, and improve the communities we serve.  Our business incubator concept revitalizes industrial and commercial buildings for property owners and community development organizations to boost the vitality of local enterprise.  Businesses of all sizes and sorts are nurtured to encourage their progress and achieve their unique measures of success.  At Mancuso Business Development Group, our approach relies on the partnership of two disciplines. We focus on achieving the strategic objectives of our client while also maximizing that property’s financial performance. Let Mancuso Business Development Group help turn your vision into reality.

Got An Idea? We'd Love To Hear About It
Chuck B. - H. Sicherman/Community Development Studio

"Harrison Place has become a source of pride through its diverse tenants and positive impact on Lockport's CBD and the surrounding residential neighborhoods."

AV3I1489 56HrvInt 11.JPG
Brian S. - Greater Lockport Development Corporation

"Mancuso Management has been instrumental in revitalizing the campus, turning an almost entirely vacant facility into an entrepreneurship and advanced manufacturing hub."

Leasing Commercial, Office, Industrial, Artisan Loft, And Business Incubator Space

Our decades of commercial real estate brokerage and management operations includes filling industrial, commercial & business incubator properties in communities of all sizes. We match market demand with resources, realizing our client’s goals, promoting the growth of new business, and generating growth in new jobs. From solo entrepreneurs to global corporations, we have successfully served the entire spectrum of enterprise sizes.  Contact Mancuso Business Development Group at 585.343.2800 to learn more about our experienced approach, flexible options, and innovative solutions.


Whether you’re a property owner who wants to revitalize a building or a project developer striving to initiate an affordable hometown business center, we are here to help you succeed. We have helped many properties and communities grow by bringing in new and expanding companies. What can we do for you?

Buildings that Work for you
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